Interboro Spirits & Ales

Tastes Like Celebration
West Coast DIPA

Collaboration with Indian Ladder Farms
Brewed with 100% NYS grown malt and hops from our friends at Indian Ladder Farms. An homage to the winter warming IPA that the folks in Chico, CA release every year. Aromas of pine and stone fruit, with classic hop bitterness and dank, ripe fruity flavors. 

Availability: You can taste this beer in the Interboro Spirits & Ales tasting room in Bushwick, Brooklyn throughout 2018 Beer Week.

NYC Brewers Guild
Rockaway Brewing Company

Dry Hopped Saison with Corn and NY State Fruit. NY Craft Malt Excelsior Pilsner Malt & a touch of Craft Malt NY State Corn. 100% NY State Mount Hood Hops. 

NYC Brewers Guild
Island to Island

Jean & Dinah, Rosita & Clementina
SMaSH Beer with all New York State Cranberries, Apples, Pilsner grains and Tahoma hops


NYC Brewers Guild
Big aLICe Brewing

Ways and Beans
Coffee Porter

Grains - NY Craft Pale malt, Chocolate malt, Black barley, Sugar pils
Hops - Willet Hop & Grain Chinook, Upstate Hops Williamette
Coffee - Native Roasters' "Ways and Means" coffee blend (locally roasted)

Availability: Ways and Beans will pour in the Big aLICe tasting room in Long Island City during NYC Beer Week

NYC Brewers Guild
Sixpoint Brewery

Pleased to Meet You

Collaboration between Sixpoint and Greenpoint Harbor Brewing

NYC Brewers Guild
Five Boroughs Brewing Co

Rooftop Wheat
5% ABV
10 IBU
Malt: Valley Malt Warthog Wheat, Valley Malt PIlsner, Valley Malt Vienna
Hops: Pedersen Farms New York Varietal

An all NYS ingredient hefeweizen showcasing heirloom malted wheat grown in NYS and malted by Valley Malt.  65% of the grist is wheat malt with the remainder being NYS pilsner and vienna malts.  A cool fermentation with German hefeweizen yeast complements soft wheat with clove and restrained banana.

Rooftop Wheat will pour at the NYC Beer Week Opening Bash on February 24 and at the SMaSH Beer & Ruppert's Cup Awards Brunch on March 4. Rooftop Wheat will also be available during NYC Beer Week at Five Borough's tasting room in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Randolph Beer DUMBO

La Grosse Pomme
Biere de Garde

2-row Pils, Munich and Crystal 60L provided by Black Dirt Malt located in Pine Island, NY.
Chocolate and Crystal 80L provided by NY Malt in Batavia, NY.
Williamette and Chinook provided by Bineyard Hops located in Casanova, NY.

Gun Hill Brewing Company

Common Sense
Cream Ale

Easily drinkable, crisp, refreshing, and smooth. Light to medium body, unfiltered. Classic lawnmower beer.

Availability: Common Sense will pour at the NYC Beer Week Opening Bash on February 24 and at the SMaSH Beer & Ruppert's Cup Awards Brunch on March 4. It will pour at the Gun Hill Brewing tasting room in the Bronx as well as at Heavy Woods, Taproom 307, Bronx Beer Hall, Marshall Stack during NYC Beer Week.

Keg & Lantern Brewing

Present Tense - NY Pilsner - 4.4%
Floral, black pepper, citrus zest. Brewed with Pilsner malt from NY Craft Malt and
Cascade hops from Crooked Creek

Shadow of Liberty - NY Pale Ale - 5.6%
Assertively hopped, tropical fruit, dank, piney.  All NY State malt &
hops. Brewed with New York Craft Malt Pale Malt and Whipple Farms Columbus, Crooked
Creek Cascade hops. Fermented with Kolsch yeast.

Both beers will be pouring at the NYC Beer Week Opening Bash on February 24 and at Keg & Lantern in Greenpoint, Brooklyn throughout NYC Beer Week. Present Tense will be poured during the SMaSH Beer & Ruppert's Cup Awards Brunch on March 4.


Strong Rope Brewery

Pub Ale
English Bitter

Pub Ale is available at the Strong Rope Brewery tasting room in Gowanus, Brooklyn, throughout Beer Week and will be poured at the SMaSH Beer & Ruppert's Cup Award Brunch on March 4.